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"There sit the knights that were so great of hand,
The ladies that were queens of fair green land,
Grown grey and black now, brought unto the dust,
Soiled, without raiment, clad about with sand."
- Algernon Charles Swinburne.

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Return to innocence

Well, here we go again. Let's begin with some rambling ;) After more than a year full of experiences, I return to this place to share the little tidbits of geekness that I've found along the way. Three main events happened: my visit to Mexico City, to Santiago de Chile, and to Disney and Universal parks in Orlando; all of them left an indelible mark on my soul.

Mexico City is a place full of contrasts: you can find a classy bistro next to a street vendor of enchiladas and next to a bookstore. The people are very warm and friendly, always in a nice mood. And the food is awesome! Here you learn to eat spicy food in the proper way.

Santiago is uniform: everyplace, and in special the otherwordly Lastarria zone, reeks of culture, good conversations and old world architecture. The people is somewhat cold by the central or north of south america standard, but very respectful.

Disney and Universal became my obliged reference on customer service. It's so friendly that you can suspect there is a subterranean base in which thousands of youngsters are brainwashed into beign the perfect hosts and left with a permanent smile. I can't resist the temptation to buy Be Our Guest, a book that describes the origin of Disney's CS culture and how they have been perfecting it during all these years.

All these places share a level of civic behavior sadly unseen in Bogotá. Sometimes I wonder where was left behind the Urbanidad de Carreño, the première book used for teaching manners up to the 70's. Maybe it was biased and anachronic, but the core of its teachings build respect and appreciation for others within our parents. There has to be a way to update it, I think. With examples from our mexican, chilean and north american neighbors, I hope. But enough rambling for now ;)

But returning to the title of the post, you might ask "Why the 'to innocence' part?" Well, writing form me is the cradle medium for my creativity, even before storytelling RPG's. And the cradle is the perennial symbol for the innocent years. I'm new to the blogosphere, but I believe this space is key to writing feedback :)

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  1. You can't typify US politeness based on the Kingdom of the Mouse.

    1. Point taken. But I still want to update Carreño's book with Disney's approach ;)